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My freewheeling conversation on Data Science

A few weeks back I had setup up an Ask-Me-Anything session where anyone could raise any question on Data science. Having started this as an experiment, I nervously waited to see the reaction and the kind of questions that will be thrown in.

My top 3 favorite questions, with the answers:

  1. Resilience: Entrepreneurship is a stormy journey and things tend to get rought often, at times on multiple fronts. There are days one feels accomplished and on top of the world, while the very next day could turn depressing with one cursing themselves on why they got started. A temperament to balance and weather these keeps one sane and sailing.
  2. Vision: One needn’t be a visionary, but should definitely be able to look several steps ahead. A foresight to see where the market is headed, and an ability to spot opportunities when things are muddled is a key trait. This helps in taking the crucial call on whether one must persist and keep pushing, or drop and move on.

Few more questions of interest

  1. يس سليمان: Where do you see the data science industry going in the next five years and how should business prepare for the upcoming changes?
  2. SHREYA: What are your thoughts on data science, machine learning, and deep learning as a driving force for the creation of smart cities?
  3. DAYAMEJIAS: What is the difference between deep learning and machine learning?
  4. ANONYMOUS: How does coming from tier 4 university(undergrad) in India with a good profile get someone to even look at their resume for a Data Science role.
  5. PAOLA CUBER: What are the things that must be avoided in a CV aimed to get jobs in Data Science?

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