A Deep-learning powered API that classifies 5000+ Species, from user-uploaded pictures

How AI can save Earth’s Biodiversity

Using Deep Learning for detection, classification, and action

“We know that species are becoming extinct at a rapid pace — at least 1,000 times more quickly than would be expected in the absence of human activities.” — Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer at Microsoft.

Technology: friend or foe?

The immense power of Deep Learning models

AI for Social Good

Snapshot of Salmon species detection solution developed for Nisqually Foundation, by Gramener and Microsoft
Species Classification API built by Gramener and Microsoft
AI Detection solution built by Gramener and Microsoft that works on Aerial images captured by ‘Save the Elephants’ foundation (aerial shot on the left; AI detection on the right)

Co-founder & Chief Decision Scientist @Gramener | TEDx Speaker | Contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur | Publishing “Our data-driven future” gkesari.substack.com

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