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Data Science in a Pandemic Year: All my Articles from 2020

I’ve been writing and speaking about data science and business applications of AI. In the pandemic year that was spent largely indoors, I spent more time writing and shooting videos at home.

As part of my yearly reflections, I took stock of my writing across channels. I had published 14 articles, 13 newsletter editions, and 274 LinkedIn posts.

I published my articles across 8 outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, and The Enterprisers Project.

I am grateful to the publications, the editors and everyone who helped me share the ideas. Thanks to the readers and the data science community for their attention and feedback.

Here are the 14 articles categorized into six areas. I hope you enjoy reading them!

A. Getting business value from data

#1. In this article for The Enterprisers Project, I explain the 3 common mistakes leaders make with AI. With examples, I show how you can get value from AI.

#2. In this article for The Enterprisers Project, find out why data science alone won’t lead to actionable business decisions.

#3. In this Forbes article, I explore why AI won’t be effective if you miss keeping humans in the loop.

#4. In this article for Entrepreneur, I share 6 tips to find out if the ‘smart’ solution you are being sold really uses AI.

B. Tackling COVID and the Pandemic

#5. The pandemic delivered a big blow to the global economy. In this article for Informs, I share how startups can use data to power their recovery.

#6. Companies explored options to reopen business after the lockdown. This article on IT Pro Portal shares ways in which AI can keep your workplace safe.

#7. The role of Chief Data Officers was redefined by the pandemic. In this article for The Enterprisers Project, I share why CDOs must play offense now.

C. Understanding AI Trends and the Future

#8. In this final article published on Forbes in Dec 2020, I explore how Covid will help AI takeoff this year. I share 3 industry trends across Pharma, Telecommuting and Edge Computing.

#9. In this article for Informs, I shared upcoming AI trends in early 2020.

D. Getting better with data and storytelling

#10. How can leaders turn storytellers? In this article for The Enterprisers Project, I share 3 tips.

#11. Can AI help you tell great stories? In this article for IABC Catalyst, I share 3 ways you can combine AI and storytelling, with some fun examples.

E. Demystifying Data Science teams, roles and skills

#12. Data science is a team sport. In this Forbes article, I share the 5 roles that every team must hire. I simplify the roles with the construction analogy.

#13. Are you aspiring a career in data science? This article for TDS shares the 4 skills that can turn into superpowers to help you rise faster in your career.

F. Planning for ethics and fairness with Artificial Intelligence

#14. What does it take to ensure your AI products are fair and equitable? The answer isn’t ‘better algorithms’. This article for TechCrunch lays out a path.

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