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Data Science in a Pandemic Year: All my Articles from 2020

I’ve been writing and speaking about data science and business applications of AI. In the pandemic year that was spent largely indoors, I spent more time writing and shooting videos at home.

A. Getting business value from data

#1. In this article for The Enterprisers Project, I explain the 3 common mistakes leaders make with AI. With examples, I show how you can get value from AI.

B. Tackling COVID and the Pandemic

#5. The pandemic delivered a big blow to the global economy. In this article for Informs, I share how startups can use data to power their recovery.

C. Understanding AI Trends and the Future

#8. In this final article published on Forbes in Dec 2020, I explore how Covid will help AI takeoff this year. I share 3 industry trends across Pharma, Telecommuting and Edge Computing.

D. Getting better with data and storytelling

#10. How can leaders turn storytellers? In this article for The Enterprisers Project, I share 3 tips.

E. Demystifying Data Science teams, roles and skills

#12. Data science is a team sport. In this Forbes article, I share the 5 roles that every team must hire. I simplify the roles with the construction analogy.

F. Planning for ethics and fairness with Artificial Intelligence

#14. What does it take to ensure your AI products are fair and equitable? The answer isn’t ‘better algorithms’. This article for TechCrunch lays out a path.

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