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Demystifying the most used Data Science jargon in simple English

How would you define ‘data science’? How about big data, AI, or data culture? These are just a few of the many jargons that are commonly tossed around in data speak. You might wonder what people really mean when they use one of these cool buzz words.

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Why model accuracy is overrated and how to convince your manager

For more than two decades, Netflix has been obsessed with machine learning models.

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Why do so many AI Projects fail, and how can Leaders avoid this?

Update: You can read this article in Japanese (Thanks to Koki Yoshimoto!)

  • The leader of a large organization spent two years and hundreds of millions of dollars on a company-wide data-cleansing initiative. The intent was to have one data meta-model before starting any AI initiative.
  • The CEO of a large financial services firm hired 1,000 data scientists, each at an average cost of $250K, to unleash AI’s…

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Decision Intelligence is the Missing link in most Projects

Digital transformation is the flavor of the season. Every company has accelerated its efforts to digitize operations, gather intelligence, and rapidly respond to a changing market.

Doubling down on data will not improve your business decisions.


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Three steps to transformational communication with data

In 2012, Disney invested $350 million in a movie that seemed to have all the elements of a box office success. It was action-packed and had stunning visual effects. It was helmed by a star writer and the director of “Finding Nemo.”

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I’ve been writing and speaking about data science and business applications of AI. In the pandemic year that was spent largely indoors, I spent more time writing and shooting videos at home.

Word cloud created using all of my 2020 LinkedIn posts’ content

Here’s the listing of the 274 Data Science posts I made across 12 categories

Through 2020, I posted 5 days every week, on average. This came up to a total of 274 posts for the entire year. 😀

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Great movies, speeches, and business presentations all share one thing: an emotional arc. How can it spice up your story?

Update: You can read this article in Ukrainian (Thanks to Katerina Moshkola!)

COVID-19 has impacted every business. Here’s how data can help you come out stronger and thrive

The spread of coronavirus is delivering a massive blow to the global economy. The lockdown and work from home restrictions have forced thousands of startups to halt expansion plans, cancel services, and announce layoffs.

The pandemic isn’t over yet. How can you safely welcome employees back to the workplace?

Just imagine your first day back to the office after months of isolation: Not only are you potentially exposed to the virus on your morning commute, but you’re then presented with crowded elevators.

Ganes Kesari

Co-founder & Chief Decision Scientist @Gramener | TEDx Speaker | Contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur | Publishing “Our data-driven future”

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