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Artificial intelligence (AI) is what computer scientist Andrew Ng calls “the new electricity.” However, despite its abilities and appeal, AI is not a fit for every situation. In my earlier article, I presented 5 scenarios to avoid investing in AI. To find out if your startup needs AI, start by…

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Notes From Industry

Update: You can read this article in Japanese (Thanks to Koki Yoshimoto!)

The analytics leader of a US-based Fortune 200 company was under severe pressure. Her team supported 45,000 employees of the global energy company, and the business users weren’t happy. …

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For more than two decades, Netflix has been obsessed with machine learning models.

In 2006, the company announced a million-dollar prize to anyone who could improve its recommendation algorithm’s accuracy by 10%. Over 40,000 teams participated in the global challenge.

The competition ran for three years, and only two teams…

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Update: You can read this article in Japanese (Thanks to Koki Yoshimoto!)

How do most organizations begin their Artificial Intelligence (AI) journey?

Let’s look at how leaders of some large enterprises planned their foray into AI. Here are a couple of recent examples from McKinsey:

  • The leader of a large…

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Digital transformation is the flavor of the season. Every company has accelerated its efforts to digitize operations, gather intelligence, and rapidly respond to a changing market.

McKinsey senior partner Kate Smaje says that organizations are now accomplishing in 10 days what used to take them 10 months. With data powering…

Word cloud created using all of my 2020 LinkedIn posts’ content

Through 2020, I posted 5 days every week, on average. This came up to a total of 274 posts for the entire year. 😀

As part of my year-end reflection ritual, I relooked at my LinkedIn activity. I wanted to understand the past year and do some ‘analysis’ to find…

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Update: You can read this article in Ukrainian (Thanks to Katerina Moshkola!)

You’re launching a digital transformation initiative in the middle of the ongoing pandemic. You are pretty excited about this big-ticket investment, which has the potential to solve remote-work challenges that your organization faces.

However, the executive board’s response…

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